Complete lighting set - Compose your own lamp set!

For the picky hobby grower, EUGardencenter has a complete lighting set composer. Choose all parts yourself! PLEASE NOTE: All prices quoted are subject to interim changes and typographical errors....More information
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    Assemble your own complete grow light set

    For the fussy hobby grower EUGardcenter has a complete lighting set compiler. Choose all parts yourself!

    PLEASE NOTE: All prices are subject to change and typing errors.....

    Edge equipment

    EUGardencenter has made a selection of the most popular products from our assortment for a complete lamp set. Not all products in our assortment are in the compiler. If you are interested in other options you can compose one yourself with the products on our webpage or contact us for specific wishes.


    The prices of our products sometimes vary, this is not always processed in time in the complete lighting set compiler. We do our best to keep this the same as much as possible but keep in mind that the price of your composite lighting combination can still change after purchase. To make sure that the price of your assembled set is correct, it is always best to check the prices of the individual parts. We apologize for this.


    You are responsible for finding parts that are suitable for each other. If you do not fully understand this kind of technique, we advise you to contact us for more information or help with assembly.

    Attention! Wattages of the chosen lamp and VSA must be the same!

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