Rogis Mycor ~ Natural Mycorrhiza Fungus

With Rogis Mycor you have a natural mycorrhiza fungi that absorbs minerals from the soil, thus considerably increasing your root system.

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Rogis Mycor ~ Natural Mycorrhiza Fungi

With Rogis Mycor, you have a natural mycorrhiza fungi that absorbs minerals from the soil, the fungi donate the minerals to your crop and in return receive the sugars for their own nutrition. This will significantly increase your root system resulting in improved water and mineral absorption.

When you add this product to your crop, you will ensure that your crop has a better developed root system. The fungus is much finer than the root hairs of your crop, therefore the fungus can go much wider and deeper than the root hairs. Root hairs are 1 to 2 mm long, the Mycorrhiza fungal threads, on the other hand, go up to 15 cm far and therefore 15 cm deep. Because the fungal threads go so deep, your crop will reach water and nutrients that would normally not reach it. This allows crops, trees and grasses to better withstand a period of drought.

Instructions for use

  • Make a hole for your plant
  • Wet the planting hole well
  • Sprinkle 3-5 grams into the hole
  • Water well
  • Plant your crop in the planting hole.
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