Samsung Quantum LED ~ 100 / 240

The Samsung Quantum LED is simple and practical, the grow light looks simple but effective.

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Quantum - Silent and Plug & Play

The Samsung Quantum LED is simple and practical, the grow light looks simple but effective.


The Samsung Quantum LED is primarily equipped with Samsung's high efficiency LEDs, namely the LM301B. These LEDs provide a lot of light per watt of power consumed and are also very durable. For extra light power for flowering plants, the deep red OSRAM LEDs are a guarantee. In addition, the spectrum is supplemented by a little UV light. UV light also prevents the formation of fungi and pests in a grow room.

 Quantum 100 Quantum 240
Samsung LM301B:3000K x 180 units3000K x 360 units
Samsung LM301B:6500K x 60 units6500K x 180 units
OSRAM:660nm x 6 units660nm x 12 units
OSRAM:730nm x 2 units730nm x 4 units
SEOUL:385nm x 2 units385nm x 4 units


240 Dimmable

The Quantum 240 is equipped with a simple Dim Controller that allows the light intensity to be adjusted to the needs of plants at any stage of the light cycle. Multiple Quantum 240 Boards can also be connected by a daisy chain so that all lights can be controlled by one dimmer button.


The Quantum is completely silent. The LEDs are passively cooled by the aluminum frame and therefore do not need to be actively cooled by fans. In addition, fans consume power, making the Quantum even more economical in use.

An additional advantage is that the Quantum does not need any maintenance because of the absence of fans! Fans attract dust and need to be checked and cleaned regularly. Also rotating parts such as fans do not last as long as LEDs and will therefore need to be replaced at some point.




Quantum 100
Quantum 240
  • ✔ 100% silent
    ✔ 2,5 µmol/J 
    ✔ 100 Watt power consumption
    ✔ Equivalent of 200W HPS!


  • ✔ 100% silent
    ✔ 2,5 µmol/J
    ✔ Dimmable from 0 to 100%
    ✔ 240 Watt power consumption
    ✔ Equivalent of 480W HPS!


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Specifications Quantum 100

Specifications Quantum 240

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