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Atami Atami Ata-Clean
Atami Ata-Clean
    With the Atami Ata-Clean you keep your irrigation system clean so that it continues to work well. Ata-Clean prevents and removes scale from algae, iro...
    Atami Atami AtaZyme
    Atami AtaZyme
      With Atami AtaZyme you help your crop to absorb nutrients more easily and you reduce the risk of over-fertilization.

      Available in: 1 liter and 5 l...
      Atami Atami Ata PK 13-14
      Atami Ata PK 13-14
        With Atami Ata PK 13-14 you help your crop through the flowering period by supplying extra phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

        Available in: 1 liter...
        Atami Atami Ata CalMag
        Atami Ata CalMag
          With the Atami Ata CalMag you have a special mix that provides an addition of extra calcium and magnesium.

          Available in: 250ml | 1 liter | 5 liter...
          Atami Atami Ata XL
          Atami Ata XL
            With the Atami Ata XL you actually have a miracle drink for your crop, because of a sophisticated mix of natural ingredients, added minerals, vitamins...
            Atami Atami Ata Rootfast
            Atami Ata Rootfast
              With the Atami Ata Rootfast you have a 100% vegetable root stimulator. This product increases the resistance of your crop and supports root production...
              Atami Atami Ata Rootbastic
              Atami Ata Rootbastic
                With the Atami Rootbastic you have a highly concentrated root stimulator that can be used in the first 3 weeks of the growth phase.

                Available in: ...
                Atami Atami Ata Terra Leaves
                  With the Atami Ata Terra Leaves you have a nutrition that is specifically aimed at the growth of your crop.

                  Available in: 1 liter and 5 liter....