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BAC BAC Organic Bloom Nutrition
    The organic bloom nutrients from BAC ensure the optimal production of flowers and sugars in your crop.

    Available in: 500ml, 1 liter and 5 liters....
    DrFertigo DrFertigo Grow-Stop | Cell Stretch Inhibitor |
      DrFertigo Grow Stop is a cell stretch inhibitor that consists of plant hormones and is stabilized with organic components. DrFertigo Grow Stop keeps t...
      BAC BAC Organic Grow Nutrient
        With the organic growth fertilizer from BAC you ensure the optimal construction of the skeleton, the root system, growth shoots and the leaves of your...
        BAC BAC Bio PK Booster
        BAC Bio PK Booster
          With the BAC Organic PK Booster you have a booster that ensures an exuberant sugar formation in your crop, it also has a positive influence on the tas...