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Dutch Pro Dutch Pro CalMag
Dutch Pro CalMag
    The Dutch Pro CalMag prevents and corrects calcium and magnesium deficiencies. These two macro-elements are important for the growth and development o...
    Aptus Aptus CaMg-Boost
    Aptus CaMg-Boost
      With Aptus CaMg-Boost you have an organomineral plant stimulator that prevents possible shortages of calcium and magnesium and at the same time stimul...
      BAC BAC CalMag
      BAC CalMag
        With the BAC CalMag you have a high-quality mix of calcium, magnesium, iron and natural trace elements that your crop needs.

        Available in: 500ml, ...
        EPS EPS | LED | CalMag
        EPS | LED | CalMag
          With the EPS CalMag you stimulate the development and fruit setting of your crop. Especially for growing on coco and hydro.

          Available in: 100ml | 5...
          BioGreen BioGreen Calgel
          BioGreen Calgel
            With the BioGreen Calgel you have a fully soluble high quality additive that consists of a high dose of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium.

            Hy-Pro Hy-Pro Cal-Mag
            Hy-Pro Cal-Mag
              Hy-Pro Cal-Mag provides your crop with the calcium and magnesium it needs.

              Available in: 250ml, 500ml and 1 liter....
              Atami Atami Ata CalMag
              Atami Ata CalMag
                With the Atami Ata CalMag you have a special mix that provides an addition of extra calcium and magnesium.

                Available in: 250ml | 1 liter | 5 liter...
                Bio Nova Bio Nova CA 15%
                Bio Nova CA 15%
                  With the Bio Nova Calcium CA 15% you can provide your crop with the necessary calcium. Calcium is found in the cell walls and membranes and plays a sp...