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Hesi Hesi Phosphor Plus
    With the Hesi Phosphor Plus you provide your crop with extra phosphorus and potassium in the flowering phase.

    Available in: 500ml | 1 liter | 5 li...
    Aptus Aptus K-boost
      With Aptus K-boost you have a bloom stimulator that consists of left-turning amino acids in combination with Potassium and sulfur trioxide.

      Aptus Aptus Super-PK
        With Aptus Super-PK you have a powerful organomineral bloom stimulator that is ideal for the flowering process.

        Available in: 500ml, 1 liter and 5 ...
        Atami Atami Ata PK 13-14
          With Atami Ata PK 13-14 you help your crop through the flowering period by supplying extra phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

          Available in: 1 liter...
          Bio Nova Bio Nova K 20%
            With the Bio Nova Potassium K 20% you ensure the strength of the plant cells (the water balance) in your crop and initiate the flowering cycle.