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Garden HighPro Garden HighPro Probox Propagator - Grow tent
    Easily make cuttings with this propagator tent from Garden Highpro....
    Garden HighPro Complete growtent - Garden Highpro Probox Propagator
      EUGardencenter has put together a few of complete propagation grow tents for your convenience. So every hobby grower who orders from us has the comfor...
      Garden HighPro Garden HighPro LEDMAXPRO
        Garden Highpro's LEDMAXPRO for propagators is a bar or rod system with LED technology, exclusively to be used for pre-growth and cuttings....
        Eazyplug Eazy plug | Cutting plug tray CT
          An organic plug suitable for both cuttings and seeds.
          Because of the space setup the young crop has all the space it needs to develop.

          Available: ...
          Rhizopon Rhizopon Cutting powder
            Stitching agent is intended to promote root formation when cutting ornamental plants.

            Available: 25gr | 80gr...
            Ferro Ferro Radix
            Ferro Radix
              With the Ferro Radix you have a unique plant aid that provides explosive rooting in an unrooted plant.

              Available in: 100ml....