Active Earth Complete Kit ~ Organic Nutrition Package

With the Active Earth Complete Kit, you have a complete organic nutrient package that allows you to create active soil....More information
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    Active Earth

    Active Earth Complete Kit ~ Organic Nutrient Package

    With the Active Earth Complete Kit, you have a complete organic nutrient package with which to create Active Earth. The Active Earth you create with this kit is the co-creation between organisms below ground and above ground. Entirely organic and created from over 20 years of plant knowledge and experience.

    Soil life is an active network formed by intelligent organisms that are all interconnected, working together in symbiosis and exchanging nutrients to create the conditions in which your plant can develop optimally. A healthy soil life is the basis for the active evolution of all life on Earth to flourish in harmony and balance, working together in symbiosis.

    Active Earth consists of:

    • Liquid Start - 25ml
      • Liquid organic fertilizer based on fermented plant waste streams. The single plant elements are rich in trace elements and sugars that support and promote soil life. A natural stimulant perfect for the start of seedlings.
    • Active Start - 250 grams
      • Thanks to humification, this product is rich in effective growth hormones (auxins), essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms such as actinomycetes (nitrogen-fixing bacteria). It gives a boost to soil life and promotes nutrient uptake.
    • Earth Base - 250 grams
      • This mix contains natural essential nutrients, trace elements and minerals that stimulate and enrich soil life. This ensures a higher yield and richer taste experience of the plants grown. Apply during soil preparation and/or to upgrade poor or depleted soils.
    • Active Network - 25 grams
      • Contains spores of various mycorrihiza species. These fungi enter into a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the plant, providing the plant with essential nutrients for better absorption and development of the plant, resulting in sturdy and healthy plants.
    • Active Balance - 10 grams
      • Various bacteria and fungi in dry powder form to improve soil life and stimulate the absorption of nutrients. This product promotes the resistance of the plant and is a mycorrhiza stimulator.
    • Liquid Earth - 500ml
      • Organic nutrient containing natural sugars and minerals. Thanks to the natural ingredients there is a low salt content so there is no risk of burning the plant. Apply during the flowering phase. Supports soil life, fruit set and plant health.
    • Coconut tablets - 2 pieces
    • Jiffy Fibre pots - 5 pieces
    • Active Soil Guide
      • Growing schedule and step-by-step explanation of how to apply the products while starting your soil, growing and flowering your plants.
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