Bio Nova Longflower Supermix ~ Basic Nutriënt

With the Bio Nova Longflower Supermix you have a one-component fertilizer that has been specially developed for plants with a long flowering period and a low demand for nitrogen.

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What is Longflower Supermix?

With Bio Nova Longflower Supermix you have a one component mineral fertilizer of 'Food-Grade' quality, specially formulated for plants with a long flowering period and lower nitrogen requirements. This unique formula ensures rapid growth and exuberant flowering in plants that flower longer than 10 weeks.

These particular crops tend to continue to stretch, especially under artificial light. This product contains a unique blend of macroelements, chelated microelements and vitalizing organic extracts that ensure healthy growth and exuberant blooms.

How to use Longflower Supermix?

The Bio Nova Longflower Supermix can be used from the first week of growth until one week before harvest, flushing is mandatory. This Supermix is mixable with all Bio Nova Stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates and can be used as irrigation.

Tips from Bio Nova growers

The dosages we at Bionova recommend using are safety values. You can increase the dosage of Longflower Supermix in 10% increments until brown dots appear on the tops of the leaves, then go back 10% to have a perfect dosage for your specific genetics.

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