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With the Bio Nova Veganics Growth you have a 100% organic liquid nutrient that ensures that the balance in the substrate and in the plant is maintained.

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What is Bio Nova Veganics Growth?

With Bio Nova Veganics Growth, you have an all-in-one 100% organic vegetable liquid fertilizer. A unique blend of all-plant ingredients and marine minerals, Bio Nova's Veganics Grow contains no animal waste and is very low in ballast salts. Veganics Grow contains all the necessary ingredients for increased efficient growth and will make plants more resilient to stressors. This will lead to a healthy and effective soil life as well as fruits and flowers of a better quality and taste.

The Bio Nova Veganics Grow contains plant-based raw materials, various algae, enriched with primordial sea minerals and mixed with pure low-salt seawater. All organic substances are rapidly mineralized and absorbed by plant tissues (roots, stems, leaves), improving their physiological activity and natural defense against stress/attacks. Veganics allows for the cleanest possible products with the highest concentrations of flavors, fragrances and amazingly colored flowers. Bio Nova has made a combination of natural-based elements, plus the special and unique selection of primal microorganisms. By respecting not only the typical variety genetic resin production, the Veganics promote the entire biochemical pathway enhancing the biosynthesis of new terpenes, pigments and other healthy compounds increasing the quality and shelf life of the final products.

Benefits Veganics Grow:

  • Product is directly biodegradable to the roots
  • Naturally built-in root stimulator
  • Small cuttings and seedlings gain immediate vigor upon first application
  • Steady growth with small internodes
  • Increases the number of secondary branches
  • Stimulates the formation of flowers

How to use Veganics Grow?

Bionova Veganics Grow can be used from the first week of growth until one week before harvest, flushing is mandatory. This product is miscible with all Vegan products: Vegan PK 3-5. X-ceL. TML & Roots. Bionova Veganics Grow can be used for irrigation, but changing your nutrient mixture every 2-3 days is mandatory.

Tips from Bio Nova Growers

  • Can be used as a booster in Profimix and Microlife tea formulation: add from 2-4 ml of Veganics Grow per litre of water in the organic tea preparation tank, connect an air pump inside and let the mix fermentate for 24/36h, use the organic tea in around 6 hours.
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