Bio Nova Coco Forte A + B ~ Basic Nutriënt

With the Bio Nova Coco Forte A + B you have a fertilizer exclusively for cultivation on Coconut. This product is for both the growth and flowering of your crop and is free from ballast salts.

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Product information
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What is Coco Forte?

With the Bio Nova Coco Forte you have the most economical and simplest base nutrient on any coconut substrate. This base nutrient is specially formulated for the most effective absorption of the required elements, this combination contains all the nutritionally valuable minerals and chelated trace elements that ensure rapid growth and exuberant flowering. The crop absorbs all the minerals directly giving you the optimal control over your plant.

The Coco Forte from Bio Nova is a complete nutrient solution of 'Food-Grade' quality and with the chelated trace elements usable in a large PH range. The application of this product is quite simple and is limited to measuring equal amounts of A & B, to the A & B are also added various elements that ensure optimal growth and flowering on coconut substrates, especially when reusing. Make sure the substrate is free of diseases, pests or viruses in case of reuse.

How to use Coco Forte?

The Bio Nova Coco Forte can be used from the first week of growth until one week before harvest, flushing is mandatory. This base nutrient is mixable with all Bio Nova Stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates and can be used as irrigation.

Tips from Bio Nova Growers

  • If you want to stimulate the vegetative phase, use part A with a double dose compared to part B (2 parts A: 1 part B).
  • On the other hand, if you want to induce and promote the productive phase. and therefore a faster and better flowering, use part B at a double dose compared to part A (2 parts B: 1 part A).
  • Use to treat deficiencies: If the plants have deficiencies of nitrogen (N) calcium (Ca) magnesium (Mg) iron (Fe) or some other microelements, component A can be applied to the crop, this can be applied by root irrigation or by foliar spraying, to quickly recover the plants from the nutrient deficiency.
    On the other hand, if there are deficiencies of phosphorus (P), potassium (K) or sulfur (S) in the crops, we can also apply component B as foliar spray.
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