Bio Nova N 27% ~ Nitrogen

With the Bio Nova Nitrogen N 27% you have one of the most important fertilizers during the cycle. Nitrogen is, among other things, the building block of proteins (amino acids) and chlorophyll.

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What is Bio Nova N27%?

With the Bio Nova N27% you have a food grade nitrogen addition. You use this product when there are shortages of nitrogen or when you want to develop an advanced vegetative growth. Nitrogen is quantitatively the most important fertilizer because it is, among other things, the main substance of proteins(amino acids) and chlorophyll. A nitrogen deficiency manifests itself in the fading of the largest leaves and premature flowering. In addition, a surplus leads to dark green leaves and slow growth. When nitrogen is used as a fertilizer it is important that it is used in the right form, Bio Nova offers with the N27 a very powerful liquid nitrogen fertilizer enriched with magnesium.

How to use N27?

The Bio Nova N27% should be applied when shortages occur or when one wants to stimulate growth. This product is mixable with all Bio Nova Fertilizers, Stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates and can be used as irrigation and as a foliar spray.

Tips from Bio Nova Growers

  • Use Bionova N 27 to treat deficiencies: when the first fan leaves turn yellow, it means that the plant has a nitrogen (N) deficiency or a deficiency of another microelement such as iron (Fe) for example. On this deficiency, N27 should be applied to the crop, by root or leaf. To allow plants to recover quickly from nutrient deficiency.
  • To establish a personalized feeding schedule: use Bionova N27 mononutrient, to determine the right amount of nitrogen to give to your crop.
  • A good ratio of elements (N-P-K) is 1.5 - 1 - 2. Knowing this, you can adjust the feeding schedule as needed. If you are using a higher nitrogen level, increase Calcium (Ca) and Potassium (K) for stronger plants mechanical tissues.
  • Mono nutrients can be used for outdoor cultivation. After checking the soil and (irrigation) water, Bionova mono nutrients adjusts the nutrient elements to ensure sufficient available nutrients.
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