Bio Nova PH+ 24,5% ~ PH Regulator

With the Bio Nova PH + 24.5% you can adjust your PH value upwards by means of Potassium Hydroxide. When using, you should wear protective clothing.

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Product information
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What is Bio Nova PH+?

With the Bio Nova PH+ you have a PH regulator that can raise the PH of your fertilizer solution to the correct value. This PH+ is a potassium hydroxide solution with 24.5% potassium hydroxide, a correct PH value is crucial for your crop. Plants absorb all nutrients when offered in the correct levels, if they are not offered in the correct levels then your crop will not absorb the nutrients.

How to use PH+?

Bionova pH+ can be used from the first week of growth until 2 weeks before harvest, rinsing is mandatory. This product is mixable with all Bionova stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates and can be used for irrigation.

Tips from Bio Nova growers

  • By using potassium hydroxide to increase the water pH we are also adding available Potassium (K) to the nutrient solution. It means that at same time we are modifying the water reaction and feeding plants to.
  • In case of high need for pH+ it is possible to reduce 10% - 15% of PK booster dosages.
  • pH+ works really well in the cleaning operations of drip line systems, growth tables, nutrient tank, pots, especially if there are residues of oily and fatty compounds

Caution! Protective clothing should be worn when using.

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