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With the Bio Nova Zym you have a natural biocatalyst, substrate builder and improver based on specific enzymes.

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What is Bio Nova Zym?

With Bio Nova Zym you have a natural bio-catalyst(process accelerator), medium builder and medium improver based on specific enzymes. Enzymes stimulate the water holding capacity of any medium, enabling a faster and better penetration of water into the medium. In addition, the enzymes penetrate the substrate creating more oxygen.

This product will increase the activity of bacteria, converting nutrients and minerals in the substrate into material that can be directly absorbed. Bio Nova Zym is also a catalyst to convert waste materials and deliver them back to the crop in the form of absorbable nutrients. In addition, your medium(substrate) will remain clean and free of all kinds of excess components, this is important for every crop but especially for those who reuse the substrate.

Enzymes are specialized protein molecules and act as catalysts in various bio-chemical processes. Some of the most notable characteristics of enzymes is the specific way they work. and particularly their speed. Conversion of sugar into alcohol by chemicals usually takes several weeks or even months, whereas by enzymes it takes only seconds! Enzymes always work without waste products or by-products.

How to Use Bio Nova Zym.

Bionova Zym is usable from the first week of growth until harvest.
This product is mixable with all Bionova fertilizers, stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates and can be used for irrigation.

Tips from Bio Nova growers

  • Use Bionova Zym during the last 7-10 days of flowering (flush period), this speeds up the flushing process as Bionova Zym helps to break down nutrients which are left in the substrate. We can advice to enhance you flushing period untill the drain water is measured at 150 ppm's.
  • In hydroponic systems let the Bionova Zym/water mixture run for 24 hours at least 2-3 times until harvest in 0.5ml to 1ml/liter of water.
  • Bionova Zym improves beneficial micro-organism activities, to cure and recover the substrate. Use Bionova Zym as following: dilute 250 ml of Bionova Zym in 100 liters of water to soak 1000 liters (1m3) of soil.
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