Bio Nova Vitasol ~ Sweetener

With Bio Nova Vitasol, you have an organic stimulator that develops a sweeter taste in each treated plant.

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What is Bio Nova Vitasol?

With the Bio Nova Vitasol you have an organic stimulator that develops a sweeter taste in each plant treated. The Vitasol contains beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi that ensure a high potency of absorption of sugars. The Bio Nova Vitasol contains natural sugars, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Lime, Potassium, vitamins and a large number of vegan trace elements. Vitasol is very suitable as a converter of available nutrients. Especially during periods of high production and rapid growth (in artificially lit crops) or when growth is stagnant due to a shortage of nutrients, the use of Vitasol in these flowering phases will provide more energy.

How to use Bio Nova Vitasol?

Bionova Vitasol as a fruit sweetener: in the last weeks of the flowering period 5-10ml per 10 liters
Bionova Vitasol as a micro-organism boost: 2.5-5ml per 10 liters
This product is mixable with all Bionova fertilizers. stimulators. minerals. universals & substrates and can be used as a foliar spray. Vitasol is not suitable for every irrigation system!
When Vitasol is used in irrigation systems it is important to clean the system properly!

Tips from Bio Nova Growers

  • Use Bionova Vitasol once a week in dilution rate from 0.5 ml/litre up to 1 ml/litre during growing stage to enrich and increase micro-organisms life and activities in the substrate.
  • During the flowering phase increase the usage of Bionova Vitasol up to three times a week dilution rate from 0.5 ml/litre up to 1.5 ml/litre to feed beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi who gives back to plants more available nutrients to be absorbed. with a special focus on phosphorus. potassium and iron.
  • To increase the percentage of insect pollinations on fruits and vegetables , spray Bionova Vitasol on plants in dilution rate 2.5 ml/10 litre up to 5 ml/10 litre to attract even more pollinating insects.
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