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Plagron Plagron Lightmix
    Plagron LightMix is made from carefully selected types of peat. To optimal balance the lightness and the oxygen level, different types of fiber are ad...
    Plastic pot - Square
      Plastic square pot available in:

      - 7x7x8cm(0.25ltr)
      - 9x9x10cm (0.5ltr)
      - 15x15x15cm(3ltr)
      - 17.5x17.5x23cm(5ltr)
      - 20x20x25cm(7ltr)
      - 25x25x2...
      Plagron Plagron Batmix
        Plagron Batmix is composed of the best and very carefully selected peat species. Due to the rich addition of worm manure and bat manure, this soil con...
        BioBizz Biobizz All·Mix
          All·Mix is a heavily pre-fertilized soil mixture. It has been designed to emulate rich outdoor soil with a full micro active eco system.

          Garland Garland Ebb & Flow tray
            The Garland Ebb and Flow bottom is extremely suitable for various applications such as in standard greenhouse racks, as an inner tray of a grow tent o...
            Plagron Plagron Growmix
              Plagron Growmix is a combination of fertilizer that guarantee a high biological life. These fertilizers will meet all the plants needs for the first t...
              Gronest Gronest Aqua Breath - Fabric pot
                he most important innovations of Aqua Breath are the optimal aeration of the roots and the moisture retention.

                Available: 1ltr | 2ltr | 4ltr | 8ltr...
                Plagron Plagron Green Sensation
                Plagron Green Sensation
                  Plagron Green Sensation is a powerful booster that guarantees the highest yield on all breeding styles. 4 actions in 1 bottle. Green Sensation improve...
                  Danish growing tray (Ebb & Flood)
                    Danish growing tray. Suitable for slabs.

                    - 110x33 cm
                    - 110 x 63.5 cm
                    - 110 x 100 cm
                    - 204 x 33 cm
                    - 204 x 63.5 cm
                    - 204 x 100 cm...
                    CAN CAN-Lite Carbon Filter
                      - 150PL • 150m3/h
                      - 300PL • 300m3/h
                      - 425PL • 425m3/h
                      - 600 • 600m3/h
                      - 1000 • 1000m3/h
                      - 1500 • 1500m3/h
                      - 2000 • 200...
                      Drip Tray Square
                        Driping trays for under plant pots.

                        Available in: 141x141mm | 174x174mm | 251x251mm | 291x291mm....
                        Garden HighPro Garden HighPro Probox Propagator - Grow tent
                          Easily make cuttings with this propagator tent from Garden Highpro....
                          Supreme Supreme RootMaxx
                            Supreme RootMaxx pots are the best alternative to plastic growing pots due to optimal root aeration and moisture retention.

                            Available liters:
                            - 3....
                            Grodan Grodan Rockwool tray
                              Plastic sheet with rockwool plugs for rooting shoots.

                              Available: 77 pcs tray | 150 pcs tray...
                              Rhino Ventilation Rhino Pro Carbon filter
                                The Rhino Filters provide total cleaning of unwanted odors!


                                - Flensmaat: 100mm, 125mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm
                                - Capaciteit: 255m3, 300m...
                                Mars Hydro Mars Hydro TS-Series
                                  With the Mars Hydro TS-Series you have the latest development Full Spectrum LED grow lights from Mars Hydro....
                                  Supreme Supreme AirMaxx
                                    Using the AirMaxx pots will prevent root deformation, chignoning and root rot....
                                    Atami Atami Wilma Grow system
                                      Never water by hand again with Wilma growing systems. Attention! There is approximately a 2 week delivery time on the Atami Wilma Grow Systems.

                                      Root Pouch Root Pouch
                                        With the Root Pouch Pots, you have environmentally friendly biodegradable fabric pots made from recycled materials that are available with or without ...
                                        Plagron Plagron Alga Bloom
                                        Plagron Alga Bloom
                                          Alga Bloom is used in the flowering phase of the plant. Alga Bloom is an organic basic nutrient specially designed for growing on soil.

                                          Available: ...
                                          Garden HighPro Garden HighPro ProPot
                                            With the Garden HighPro ProPots, you have pots that are made from recycled materials.

                                            Available in: 1.5L | 4L | 7L | 11L | 15L | 20L | 30L | 50L....
                                            Biobestrijding BioBestrijding | Slug control with nematodes
                                              Please note! If you order more than just Bio Fighting, then there is € 7.95 extra charge because of dropshipping from the supplier.

                                              Terra Aquatica (T.A) ~ GHE Terra Aquatica - GHE TriPack Flora
                                                With the Terra Aquatica - GHE TriPack Flora you can get acquainted with the Flora Series from General Hydroponics. This starter package contains: Flor...
                                                Clonex Clonex Rooting gel
                                                  Clonex Cuttings Gel is a powerful root stimulator composed of hormones, vitamins and plant nutrients....