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BAC BAC Funky Fungi
BAC Funky Fungi
    With the BAC Funky Fungi or BAC Fungi you have a product consisting of four types of Mycorrhizae that, in combination with stimulators, colonize more ...
    BAC BAC Plant Vitality Plus
    BAC Plant Vitality Plus
      With BAC Plant Vitality Plus, you have a biodegradable, non-toxic pesticide that has no negative impact on the crop or medium.

      Available in: 250ml...
      BAC BAC  Yuccah
      BAC Yuccah
        With the BAC Yuccah you have a natural wetting agent and a soil conditioner based on the Yucca extract Schidigera.

        Available in: 250ml, 500ml and...
        BAC BAC BioTablets
        BAC BioTablets
          The BAC BioTablets consist of slow-acting fertilizers in combination with beneficial soil bacteria and natural humic acids.

          Available in: 12 piece...
          BAC BAC Organic Starter Pack
            With the BAC Organic starter pack you can get acquainted with the nutrition brand BAC.

            Available in: Small and Large....
            BAC BAC CalMag
            BAC CalMag
              With the BAC CalMag you have a high-quality mix of calcium, magnesium, iron and natural trace elements that your crop needs.

              Available in: 500ml, ...
              BAC BAC Final Solution
              BAC Final Solution
                With the Final Solution from BAC you ensure a rapid fermentation of all waste products around the root system.

                Available in: 60ml, 120ml, 300ml an...
                BAC BAC Organic Bloom Nutrition
                  The organic bloom nutrients from BAC ensure the optimal production of flowers and sugars in your crop.

                  Available in: 500ml, 1 liter and 5 liters....
                  BAC BAC Amino Complex
                  BAC Amino Complex
                    With the BAC Amino Complex you help your crop through periods where it needs a physiological stimulus.

                    Available in: 250ml, 500ml and 1 liter....
                    BAC BAC X-Seed
                    BAC X-Seed
                      With the BAC X-Seed you have an excellent means to promote the germination of seeds, it is also a root and growth stimulator.

                      Available in: 10ml an...
                      BAC BAC Frooting Power
                      BAC Frooting Power
                        With the BAC Frooting Power you have a unique high phosphate containing bloom enhancer that extends the flowers of your crop, hardens it and stimulate...
                        BAC BAC Lime
                        BAC Lime
                          With the BAC Lime you ensure that your used soil or coconut gets a stable PH again, this product also ensures an addition of calcium and magnesium in ...
                          BAC BAC Foliar Spray
                          BAC Foliar Spray
                            With BAC Leaf Nutrition, you have a foliar nutrient and a plant enhancer in one.

                            Available in: 120ml, 500ml en 1 liter....
                            BAC BAC PH-
                            BAC PH-
                              The B.A.C PH- is a highly concentrated PH agent for lowering your PH value in your nutrient tank.

                              Available in: 1 & 5 liter....
                              BAC BAC Bloom Stimulator
                              BAC Bloom Stimulator
                                With the BAC Bloom Stimulator you stimulate the multiplication of micro-organisms in your substrate, resulting in a better absorption and transport of...
                                BAC BAC Rootstimulator
                                BAC Rootstimulator
                                  With the Rootstimulator from BAC you stimulate the growth of positive microorganisms in your substrate, so that the root system can absorb nutrients b...
                                  BAC BAC F1 Extreme Booster
                                  BAC F1 Extreme Booster
                                    With the BAC F1 Extreme Booster you have a very highly concentrated booster that provides a strong increase in smell, taste and at the same time ensur...
                                    BAC BAC BioClone
                                    BAC BioClone
                                      With the BAC BioClone you have a 100% natural root stimulator that has been specially developed for root development in cuttings.

                                      Available in: 100...
                                      BAC BAC Bio Pellets
                                      BAC Bio Pellets
                                        With the BAC Bio Pellets you have an organic fertilizer for upgrading used soil or coconut.

                                        Available in: 4.5kg Bucket...
                                        BAC BAC Hydro Bloom A+B
                                        BAC Hydro Bloom A+B
                                          With the BAC Hydro nutrition you have a very concentrated and complete plant nutrition for the bloom on hydroponics.

                                          Available in: 1 liter and 5 l...
                                          BAC BAC Earth 1-component Bloom
                                            With the BAC 1 component nutrient you have a very highly concentrated complete nutrient where the A & B is already mixed. This product has been develo...
                                            BAC BAC PH+
                                            BAC PH+
                                              The BAC PH + is a highly concentrated PH + agent for increasing your PH value in your nutrient vessel.

                                              Available in: 1 liter....
                                              BAC BAC Pro-Active
                                              BAC Pro-Active
                                                With the BAC Pro-Active, you have a biological plant enhancer.

                                                Available in: 120ml, 500ml en 1 liter....
                                                BAC BAC Silica Power
                                                BAC Silica Power
                                                  With the Silica Power from BAC you have a silicon plant booster for the entire cycle.

                                                  Available in: 500ml, 1 liter and 5 liters....